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Focus Up!

Are you one of the many who are dazed and confused?

The older I get, the more I notice people suffering from deep confusion. These people seem to be so confused that they have no idea what they’re confused about. I believe In the source of confusion can the lack of direction in life. Fortunately, I was able to have a father help me stay on the right path. But at times I still feel like life is a big blur, and I’m sure many of you may feel the same way as well.

One thing I have moticed with people who suffer deep confusion is a lack of focus in living their life. Their life is not centered. They are filled with mixed up and even contradicting ideas which they try to build their life on.

We have to learn to focus and shoot for our goals. You cant live life trying to look at everything at one time. For instance, focus on this one word…FOCUS! Is everything else around you clear? Or is it all blurry? You can only have a clear picture of these words. There is nothing you can do to make everything around you clear. Nothing else will be clear until the center is focused.

I think most of our confusion comes from not seeing a clear picture of who we are and what our life suppose to be. Most of us are doing random things in life,  just taking shots at everything hoping that we can hit something.

So how can we find our focus or center?


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Beauty Tips for Everyone…


For attractive lips, speak words of kindness. For beautiful eyes, look for
the good in other people.

To lose weight, let go of stress, hatred, anger, contentment and the need to
control others.

To improve your ears, listen to the word of God. Rather than focus on the
thorns of life, smell the roses and count your blessings, giving thanks for
each one of them.

For poise, walk with knowledge and self-esteem.To strengthen your arms, hug
at least 3 people a day. Touch someone with your love.

To strengthen your heart, forgive yourself and others. Don’t worry and
hurry so much.

Rather than walk this earth lightly, walk firmly with determination and
leave your mark.

For the ultimate in business, casual or evening attire put on the robe of
Christ; it fits like a glove but allows room for growth. Best of all, it
never goes out of style and is appropriate for any occasion.

Doing these things on a daily basis will certainly make you a more beautiful

Peace Is Not The Absence Of Trouble But The Presence of God

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My Journey Back to the Field…

Not long ago I was eating and swapping stories with some old football buddies and they began to joke about me being the oldest on the team. It made me think of what I had to go through to get to this point in my life.

Before this season, I had been away from the football field for 5 seasons. That’s longer than most player’s entire college careers. I’ve been to Los Angeles to Fort Collins and now I am here in Knoxville at the University of Tennessee.

There have been a number of bumps in the road preventing me from playing football at the college level. Starting with being undersized for the sport and dealing with all the politics involved with the sport, then dealing with injuries all while trying to juggle me2being a student and a young father as well. But I could not let these obstacles deter me from my dream. I had to maintain my faith and keep pushing towards my goal. I had to refuse to quit. I had to mend an old wound and I hope to inspire others by doing so.

In the spring of 2009, I finally became a part of the Tennessee Volunteers football team; two years after enrolling. I went through the spring dealing with even more complications that kept me away from the field for most of spring practice. I went all the way through the summer not knowing if I would be invited to fall camp.

On the first day of camp I received a call to report to fall camp and to move into the dorm. I was excited because it was official, but I was also nervous because this would be the first camp I had experienced since high school. It was a great feeling. However, I had played cornerback and two days into camp I was moved to Running back. I hadnt played that position since I was in junior high. I was nervous, but I felt that it was a better move for me.

Throughout camp I had turned some heads with my surprising play at a position I hadnt played in almost 10 years. In our first scrimmage I only received one carry because I had just been moved to the position. It ended up being a run that caught the eye of many of the coaches. The next week I received praise from many of them. But when our Defensive Coordinator, Monte Kiffin, the greatest defensive mind in all of football came up to me, I knew I had done something right. I continued to do this through the rest of camp, but towards the end of camp, the tide turned on me again.

I became ill in the last few days of camp and missed the most important scrimmage. When I returned the next week, I had lost some ground and wasn’t able to compete. After about a week I was back into the routine and had another great week.

On September 5, 2009, I was able to experience some great Tennessee traditions. I was able to do the Vol Walk and run through the “T.” The next week I was on the service team helping prepare our defense for the #1 Florida Gators. The defensive coaches were ecstatic of my efforts. But….again, another hurdle was thrown in my way.

meWhile doing team drills that week, I made a plant on my left foot and was unable to put any weight on it. I later learned that I had torn the tendon on the bottom of my foot. Not again…

I wondered if God was telling me that I needed to stop. But I don’t believe he gave me the opportunity to experience these things for no reason. Sometimes God uses trials to get us back on track. Most of us have chosen an unhealthy and worldly lifestyle that is self-destructive. Most of the times trials can knock us back to our senses. It can give us a reality check. All is not well. And most importantly you are not well.

Well today was my first day back on the field in over 7 weeks. My foot isnt completely healthy but I was able to take part in all the practice drills and I am excited to be back. On my first carry I was given a good “Welcome Back” smack.

I hope to inspire all of you with my story. I just want to let all of you know that things get hard but that doesn’t mean that its time to give up.

Trials are opportunity for your personal growth and greatness. Do not run away from it.

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My Eyes Are Opened…

Below is a modified song that tells my story and how my eyes have been opened. Some of you may have seen it because I posted it on my Facebook page a while back. I want to make sure everyone reads this. Get to know me…

Good evening brethren, let’s go a special direction.
Look back, let’s meet a young’n that was born in 85.
His parents were so happy, rejoicing at their new blessing.
He breathes life, at the same time death without a question.
His parents gazed in his eyes, adoring him as he hollers.
He got his eyes from his father, he got his nose from his mama.
It’s crazy how this baby, is so precious but I’m saddened
He got his name from first lady, and his depravity from Adam.
That’s how it goes and hey look as he grows
You can see he’s so blind, his eyes seem as they closed.
He’s so weak and it shows, he can’t keep from what He knows
Is wrong, he knows it’s bad but dang he wants it though.
And all throughout his years, he looks good to his peers
And his parents, and his self but if we could only peer
On the inside, we’d see that from the start it was dark
Until a Savior stepped in and gave Him a new heart, eyes opened!

Yeah I was blinded in the past, like my mind was in the trash
Incapable of doing good or even finding him the task.
Was beyond what I could grasp, my righteousness is rags
So He had to do all the work, by His design you do the math.
The math, who get’s the glory, hey who get’s the praise?
Predestined, I was elected, resurrected from the grave.
Plus His loved was never based on my past or present state
On anything that I obtained I was a mess but blessed with grace.
By grace, I’m in love with Him.
He gave me something within.
He doesn’t love me cause of me…nope He loves me because of Him.
No He didn’t have to save and raise me when I was dead
But He dragged me out the morgue, now the praise of His name is spread.
He died for all He would save, it’s crazy the Savior bled
Erasing taking my dread, and gave me some grace instead.
The kind I wouldn’t resist, I came praise be to Him
And I’m confident if I’m in Him Ima make it to the end with my eyes open!
 Now that my eyes is open, gotta keep that Bible open.
Not just so that I can quote Him, I’m hopin’ that I’ll behold Him
Until I lay in the grave, I’m praying I’ll stay in motion.
Gazing with eyes of faith He gave me baby, I’m focused.
I’m praying all through my 20’s I’ll see Him in 20/20
Looking at Him till I look like Him almost like His twin He’s
So merciful, His Word is so packed I’m telling many
About the glory of Christ, tryna rep Him with all that’s in me!

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Why do we seek success???

Why do I seek success???

In these days people seem to desire success more than ever. I often see people quoting or singing Drake’s song “I just Wanna Be Successful.” People would do anything and sacrifice anything for success. But what is funny to me is that a lot of people don’t actually know what success they’re chasing after. Not many people put a lot of thought into it. I love to see others succeed, and I feel that most of us are pursuing success without any clear goal. People rarely ask themselves the question, “Why am I chasing success?” “What is my purpose in doing the things that I am doing?”

All of us want to be happy. If you look at it, in the end, people want success to be happy. Success is a means to find joy. But we have a problem. We have sought the means and not the end. People want to be successful just for the sake of being successful. Don’t be obsessed with the process. Focus on the product.

I have heard that being an accomplished person is not the same as being a successful person. This is something that I can agree with. There are many people who have accomplished some terrible things. I have also seen some accomplished individuals that seem to be very miserable. Some even become miserable trying to obtain success. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose???

There is a saying that I’ve lived by the last couple years of my life. “Never let successes get to your head, and never let failures get to your heart.” I’ve had many highs, as well as many lows. From now on I plan to stay floating high.

This is the beginning of a series of why I seek success and why I am who I am.

So why do you seek success???

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Allow me to Re-Introduce Myself…

Sean White is currently a student-athlete on the football team at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville (UT). As Sean continues to pursue his life long dream of being a division I athlete, he has not allowed himself to be one dimensional. Sean has continued to improve his leadership and life skills, while succeeding to diversify himself.  He serves as a member of the Black Student Alliance (BSA), contributes in Athletes in Action (AIA) and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) initiatives, and focuses on the key management and marketing aspects of less profiled student athletes.

Sean has made a major impact on youth in his hometown community of Park Hill, Denver, Colorado. As a paraprofessional for the mentally and physically challenged students at Smiley Middle School, he has educated kids in mathematics, logic, and many other life required skills. He has also volunteered additional time to churches in the community, the Colorado Flyers Track and Field Club, the Golden Age Senior Citizen group, and served as a peer tutor at local recreation centers and schools.

In high school, Sean clearly distinguished himself as a strong leader.  As cream of the crop, he earned and accepted the option of graduating early at Montbello High School. Sean received four straight years of honor roll recognition, and the “Who’s Who in American High Schools” award. In addition to his list of accomplishments, Sean also excelled in athletics, participating in football, basketball, and baseball. Sean was a proud member of the 2001 5A State Football Championship team, and was selected as a member of the 2003 All-Colorado Football Team, while serving as the Team’s captain his senior year.

As a youth, Sean also accepted honorary roles and responsibilities in many youth sports camps. He was the Director of Strength and Conditioning for the Chauncey Billups Academy. He was also a member of the Board of Directors for, the 1st Annual LenDale White Paramount Youth Football Camp, the Darcey Levy Football Camp and W2W Football Camp.  He also committed himself to being a youth counselor for the Kenoy Kennedy Football Camp and was a volunteer coach in the Athletes and Beyond Football Camp I and II.

Sean has also founded A.C.E. Sports Performance (Athletes Committed to Education/Excellence), a sports training business that not only trains the athlete, but mentors the athlete. A.C.E. Sports Performance Mission is to “provide the best quality in sports training to our clients by offering the essentials to become a better person, student, and athlete; instilling a sense of confidence, helping them achieve success in every facet of their lives.”

Sean also has a 3 year-old daughter, Sanaai Denice.

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My Blog Introduction…

Introduction to the Sean White Blog

Blogging is a major new social, political, and economic phenomenon. It is a fresh and striking exemplification of Friedrich Hayek’s thesis that knowledge is widely distributed among people and that the challenge to society is to create mechanisms for pooling that knowledge.

I have decided to start a blog that will explore current issues of spirituality, finances, and fitness.  I will also be giving information on A.C.E. Sports Performance and what it’s like to be me. Fortunately, I’ve been blessed to be around some people and experience many things others may not have. Initially I plan to post just once a week. In time I may post more frequently. The first postings will follow this as an introduction of who I am.

I wish in closing this brief introduction to my blog to thank my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and my parents, Herman and Kimora White for blessing me with a great life.

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