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Why do we seek success???

Why do I seek success???

In these days people seem to desire success more than ever. I often see people quoting or singing Drake’s song “I just Wanna Be Successful.” People would do anything and sacrifice anything for success. But what is funny to me is that a lot of people don’t actually know what success they’re chasing after. Not many people put a lot of thought into it. I love to see others succeed, and I feel that most of us are pursuing success without any clear goal. People rarely ask themselves the question, “Why am I chasing success?” “What is my purpose in doing the things that I am doing?”

All of us want to be happy. If you look at it, in the end, people want success to be happy. Success is a means to find joy. But we have a problem. We have sought the means and not the end. People want to be successful just for the sake of being successful. Don’t be obsessed with the process. Focus on the product.

I have heard that being an accomplished person is not the same as being a successful person. This is something that I can agree with. There are many people who have accomplished some terrible things. I have also seen some accomplished individuals that seem to be very miserable. Some even become miserable trying to obtain success. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose???

There is a saying that I’ve lived by the last couple years of my life. “Never let successes get to your head, and never let failures get to your heart.” I’ve had many highs, as well as many lows. From now on I plan to stay floating high.

This is the beginning of a series of why I seek success and why I am who I am.

So why do you seek success???


October 27, 2009 - Posted by | Inspiration, My Life...

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  1. This statement is so true, many people do confuse the true meaning of wanting to be successful. I myself get stressed out quite frequently with pursuing my career but at the same time I am fulfilled and satisfied with everything I’m learning and all that I am exposed to. At the end of the day (I sound like Frankie and Neffe, lol) my work doesn’t seem like hard work anymore but turns more and more into leisure, enjoyment, and success. Success shouldn’t be defined by the amount of money you have, the number of business you own but be denoted with things that you are content with-things that make you feel that you can’t do any better. Some people could twist that statement for a negative one but if that’s the case then how do you truly define success? Much love fam, keep doing you and continue to strive for what success is to you.

    Comment by Shaneka Hampton | October 28, 2009 | Reply

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