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Are You Falling??? Part II

The second flaw in our plan to success are FALSE COMMITMENTS. We always claim that we have a new goal or resolution and make the statement that we will be committed to it when we really arent. But the funny thing is that we already KNOW we’re not committed to it from the jump. We say we’re not going to eat fried foods, knowing that our favorite is FRIED chicken. How do we expect to accomplish that, knowing that is something we cant give up that easily. Most of the time we just commit to things because we assume that the ones around us value it, not because we value it.

How do we come up with a solution to this???

We know that a commitment like this will never work in the long run. We need to think about why we are trying to commit to these goals.

We commit to some sort of change, but on some level, we’re not really committed to it – and we know it. We pledge to give up eating fatty foods, but we don’t really want to do it at all. Often, we’re just trying to commit to something because we know other people value it, not because we value it. Often, such goals are conceived and attempted out of a desire to fix an interpersonal relationship of some kind, often one that’s suffering due to reasons completely unrelated to the goal. Focus on fixing the relationship, not on “fixing” some element of yourself that you’re not committed to fixing. Try communicating in a healthy and mature way. If that’s impossible, it may be time to step back from that relationship.


November 4, 2009 - Posted by | Encouragement

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