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Are You Falling??? Part III

The third of the flaws in our success plan is Temptation.

Spending your emergency fund on an $800 purse is giving into temptation. Eating a box of Krispy Crème donuts after dieting all week is giving into temptation.

We’re all tempted by things. Quite often, our resolutions are a recognition that such temptations are bad for us in the long run, but we desire these things all the same.

How can we cure this disease of falling into temptation???

I’ve found two that work. First, an allowance of splurging often helps keep our better behavior in check. Allow yourself $25 (or whatever is within your budget) a week to splurge with. Put that $25 in cash in a jar on top of the fridge. Then, when you’re truly tempted, take down that jar and freely spend it with no guilt. This trick often “releases” the pent-up desires that we build up without destroying all of our positive work. A similar trick is to allow yourself one saucer-sized plate of whatever food you desire twice a week or so.

Second, supportive friends that are involved with and aware of your goals will often help make it easier. Perhaps they’ll diet or exercise with you, or at the very least won’t tempt you to go shopping and spend money.


November 5, 2009 - Posted by | Encouragement

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  1. So many of us are filled with responsibilites that sometimes it’s almost impossible to sit still and do nothing, much less relax. I find that allowing myself to be bored is an easy method of not spending pointless money. When I do allow myself to be bored I find myself in relaxation mode and enjoying the peace without being lazy, but just “being instead of doing” That’s how I fall from temptation, does it always work NO! LOL, but it’s never worth giving up.

    Comment by Anonymous | November 5, 2009 | Reply

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