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A Moving Night with F.C.A…

Last night’s F.C.A. (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) and Team United meeting…

I haven’t blogged about a FCA experience but with what happened last night, I feel that I have to. I have been faithfully attending the meetings for some time now. These meetings have been very moving and spiritually uplifting for me. But none of the previous meetings had the effect of the meeting last night. Everyone was moved and I will always remember what happened on Thursday, November 12, 2009.

Chaplain Roger Woods III has spoken to us about unity but there was a different vibe last night. With what happened with 3 of my VOL teammates as well as another young woman, it was a very emotional night for our VOL Family.

To begin the meeting, Chaplain Roger Woods III introduced us to his friend and spiritual brother, Jake Gullege. Mr. Gullege began by setting the atmosphere by praying for the 3 Vols that made a mistake and sang a couple of the songs. A couple of the songs that stuck out were “We Fall Down” and “Never Would Have Made It.” Once Mr. Gullege opened his mouth to sing, the anointing was exemplified in his voice.

It was obvious that everyone in the room became vulnerable to the Holy Spirit through his songs. There were on their knees crying. People were laid out on the floor. People had their hands raised surrendering to GOD. There were teammates consoling other teammates. The message through his songs was moving people to tears. You can definitely tell that the message was getting through to everyone in the room.

Mr. Woods also introduced us to HIS Spiritual Father, Danny Buggs. Mr. Buggs had an unusual way of getting his message across, but he definitely got through to us. He would have somebody read the Bible verses while he would explain, in great depth, the meaning of the verse. It was a great message about how those of us that are UNASHAMED should be pulling our fellow believer’s coattails and be the Nathan to the David.

When Mr. Buggs was through speaking, Mr. Gullege blessed us with his music once again. And again, everyone was moved. While this was going on, the members of the Vol football team rallied in the back of the room for prayer. Mr. Woods joined in and gave us a very important message as well.

After we finished the meeting with prayer, one of my Vol teammates from the incident the night before, Mike Edwards, walked through the door. When Mike walked in everyone embraced him and let him know that he was still our brother and that he is still loved. Mr. Buggs delivered a message to him and Mike rededicated his life to GOD, and we all prayed for him once again. Later on another player from the incident, Janzen Jackson, walked through the doors himself and did the same thing.

Thursday, November 12, 2009 may have been one of the most incredible nights of my life and I believe it was a life changing experience for me as well as many others in attendance. As one football player said, we came together as a family, not a team.

I was able to experience what the Lord could do in ACTION!  And as another said about that night, it was UNBELIEVABLE!

I want to thank Chaplain Roger Woods III for giving us the opportunity to fellowship with others and being there for us through everything.


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  1. That cat Danny Buggs is our team chaplain.

    Comment by Leabre McNeal | November 14, 2009 | Reply

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