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Dave Ramsey and Unity…Part IV

The third ENEMY of UNITY is…UNRESOLVED DISAGREEMENTS! Again, this is another that is a big killer of relationships within a family. Unresolved disagreements destroy unity. Sometimes the leader doesn’t even know they exist, which can also go along with poor communication. Other times the leader avoids confrontation and that is what we call…denial. Either way, the team, family, church, etc loses. With hundreds of people working together, some will inevitably lock horns and bump into each other. It’s natural. But A leader should act quickly and decisively when that happens by pulling the splinter out, cleansing the wound, and allowing some time to heal. Sometimes it’s messy, but the alternative is to act like nothing has happened and later wonder what went wrong.

Try this with your household first, then spread it to the rest of your family and see how it works out for you.


November 13, 2009 - Posted by | Dave Ramsey |

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