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Dave Ramsey and Unity…Part V

The fourth enemy of UNITY is LACK of A STATED PURPOSE. This basically means that you should give your family, team, business, etc, a roadmap for achieving your vision.  If you don’t, they will all have to find their own way, and we all know how that can end up. The leader’s roadmap should be made up of carefully and deliberately crafted missions, visions, and goals. This will lay out the foundation of where you are going and how you will get there. It will keep you and everyone else from getting off track and staying focused.

Sit back and think…Do you have a vision? Do all the members know what this vision is? Does everyone understand your reasons for that vision? Have you formed any goals to help achieve that vision?

Mr. Ramsey takes his mission statement very seriously. Ask any member on his team of 300 and they can recite it from memory. Whenever a team member has a new plan, they sit down and analyze if and how that plan fits into the original mission. Author Joseph M. Dodge notes, “What every man needs, regardless of his job or the kind of work he is doing, is a vision of what his place is and may be. He needs an objective and a purpose. He needs a feeling and a belief that he has some worthwhile thing to do.”

The cure???

According to, this is the antidote for a Lack of Shared Purpose…

“EntreLeaders share the vision of the company early and often. Author Rick Warren says you must restate your vision to your team every 21 days. Each project or new idea developed by your team should have its own mini-mission statement that is a reflection of the main company mission statement. In addition, each department should have written goals created by and shared with the whole team. The goals should be specific and have a clear time limit. Each team member should then write what work they will do to contribute to reaching those goals. This way, everyone experiences and understands that they are an integral part of the project, the team, and – yes – even the mission of the company.”


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