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Dave Ramsey and Unity…Part VI

The fifth and final enemy of unity is…SANCTIONED INCOMPETENCE. Sanctioned incompetence is when someone on the team has a destructive attitude but no one wants to address it. This is said to be demoralizing. The discourages team members when they see this. If the leader has someone on the team like this, it kills the motivation of the team if it isn’t addressed. The leader HAS TO take action when someone on the team can not and/or will not do their job.

When you allow someone to mess around, or not execute and live up to their potential, you damage your witness.

A leader MUST go to battle as soon as any sign of these enemies are put on display. There will always be drama within a group of people, but the leader must put time into dealing with these issues instead of turning a cheek and hoping for the best. When unity is valued within an organization, team, etc., they will all be sure to keep these enemies out of the workplace.

Don’t be afraid to address these problems. That is what a LEADER is. It’s not easy and it might make you feel you have had a bad day, but it may be what pushes your TEAM to the next level.


November 16, 2009 - Posted by | Dave Ramsey |

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