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Thanksgiving 2009!!!

Thanksgiving 2009

Thanksgiving 2009 wasn’t the norm for me. I usually spend it with my excessively large family back home in Denver, Colorado. This year I spent Thanksgiving in Chattanooga, Tennessee with some of my VOL family.

The gang at "THE HOOD"

The day started off as normal. I woke up to several Thanksgiving text from friends and family and I sent some of my own out as well. Most of my family and friends from back home hadn’t waken up yet so the responded later in the day. After an early morning practice for the VOLS, the players all rushed to go their separate ways. Everyone was anxious to get that good ol’ Thanksgiving food into their stomachs. Most of us haven’t eaten like that in a long time.

I wasn’t really feeling the holiday but I didn’t want to miss out on the tradition so I got dressed and hit the road to head to Chattanooga with my roommate, Quintin, my daughter, Sanaai, and her mother Chardae.
After the one and a half hour drive we arrived to Chris Walker’s, mother’s house. There, I met Chris’ other siblings as well as Eric Berry’s family. His parents, 2 twin brothers, and grandmother were there as well as Victor Thomas’ and Quintin Hancock’s mother. Soon after we arrived, Chris and E.B. came in with some other teammates of mine, Tauren Poole, Bryce Brown, and Janzen Jackson were all there.

After being there for a few minutes, I took a walk into the kitchen and as I stepped in, there was an array of wonderful foods presented to me. After socializing and watching some of the football games for a little while, Chris lead us in prayer as we blessed the food.

After letting our food settle some of us headed outside. As we were walking out the door I heard someone say, “OOOOH, he’s short!” I looked back and it was E.B.’s grandmother. Everyone laughed. I then introduced myself and sat to chat for a while. That’s my new buddy now.

Once I got outside I realized that Chris and E.B. are really 13 years old at heart. I never knew they were so silly. Janzen Jackson fit right in with them. Chris would constantly taunt E.B. with his theme song, “ERIC BERRAAAY, ERIC BERRY!” E.B. would come back with, “GO! GO! Christopher Walkerrrrrrr!”

After being out there for a while, everyone noticed Janzen had went and got lost in the woods somewhere and they went to go look for him. Sanaai and I stayed back. After finding him everyone headed to jump on the trampoline and then returned back into the house. Later, our team Chaplain, Roger Woods and his family arrived to the house. Everyone gave him a standing ovation because he had been running a little late. He then prayed over the home and everyone headed to “The HOOD.”

This wasn’t the average hood that I was expecting to see. “The HOOD” was actually the home of Mr. and Mrs. Hood. The Hoods have a beautiful home. When we walked in the son gave us a tour of the house and I was amazed. Once we got to the theatre, the tour stopped because everyone got comfortable in the recliners and didn’t want to move. However, we all headed downstairs to eat desert where Mrs. Hood had several choices that all looked great. We had more choices for desert than we did for the actual meal. Mrs. Hood did a great job preparing the desert.

After desert, some of us headed back up to the theatre where Janzen and E.B. were trying to teach themselves how to play the guitar. They then did a premiere of their new single, “That FAT Man.” It was hilarious. When we heard Chris and his brother singing on the mic downstairs, the rest of us headed down. Chardae then sang a couple of selections and Sanaai blessed us with her voice to finish it off. I have to get that recording on here.

Overall I enjoyed my Thanksgiving and I am glad I made the choice to head to Chattanooga. Thanksgiving with the Walker, Berry and Hancock families turned out to be one to remember.
I would like to THANK Chaplain Roger Woods as well as Mr. and Mrs. Hood.

“Gratitude consist of being more aware of what you have than what you don’t.”

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!


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