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A Lil’ Update on me and the VOLS…



Montario Hardesty

My most recent post told you how my Thanksgiving went so Ill just update you on the team. The Saturday after Thanksgiving we played the Kentucky Wildcats. It was a great game as usual.  It was close the entire game and eventually went into overtime.  

In overtime, they got the ball first and failed to get any points on the board missing a field goal. When we got the ball, a fellow Running Back, Montario Hardesty broke for a 20 yard run to end the game. The Vols continued a streak of 25 straight years with a victory over the Wildcats and Tario got Co-Offensive Player of the Week.  

We finished the regular season at 7-5 hoping to receive a bid to the Cotton or Outback Bowls to continue post-season play. However, both bowls passed on us and today we were informed that we will be playing in the Chick-fil-a Bowl in Atlanta Georgia on December 31, 2009. Although it wont be official for several days, we will be playing against Virginia Tech. This makes for a good matchup and a very interesting game that people have wanted to see for years. Ill be sure to get some video footage of my bowl experience.  

P.S. Yesterday I did my first conditioning since I injured my foot in early September. Yea, it wasn’t fun at all. But Ill be back.


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