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My Motivation for Success… Part I

My Motivation for Success… Part I

I started playing football at the age of four. Growing up I always thought that football would be what I would do for a living. It wasn’t until my junior year of high school that I decided to make football Plan B for me.

I always went to my older cousin’s (Chauncey Billups) house and I would tell myself that I would definitely have something like that one day. I was always sure it would be by making money the same way he is. Everytime I went over to his house it just made me more hungry for success.

I loved the cars he would have. I loved how every little basketball player in Park Hill would mock his skills on the court and say they were Chauncey. I loved how every day I somehow got a new family member that didn’t even know his parents names. It’s like Kanye West said, every summer I got two dozen, new cousins. I love the respect he had. I loved how it seemed like I never saw him in the same shoes or clothes twice. I loved how it seemed like money was not a problem for him. I loved how on the outside, it seemed like there was never a time he felt stressed or depressed. As I began grow older, I started to realize that there were other people living in that neighborhood and they weren’t professional basketball players and I began to wonder how they were able to afford those homes. What kind of careers those people had.

I then began to start researching who those people were in those homes. The more I learned, the more football began to be pushed to the back. I also learned that my cousin was not as happy as it may have seemed. He had some trials of his own that he would be going through that I didn’t pay much attention to. He kept getting injured, traded, etc. If I was to be blessed enough to make it to the NFL, it would be nothing but a plus. If I wasn’t, I would still have my original plan in action.

I remember when I would look at my parents and wonder why we didn’t have a place like that. My parents have had their high’s as well as their lows. I wondered why they were working so hard but I could rarely see the rewards they were getting. Looking at my father now, I feel he is definitely getting what he deserves and his hard work is paying off…

I guess money was my motivation in my younger years…

You’ll have to wait until Part II and beyond to see how I began to develop my ways. Right now, I have important things to do like get treatment on my injuries so I can get healthy and enjoy my time with my daughter…


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