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Let’s Make it Happen Now…

Ok, so 2010 is vastly approaching us all and people are starting to make New Year’s Resolutions that we all already know we aren’t going to stick to. So how about we change that this year. Today I just wanted to post a couple of tips on how we all can make it easier to stick to our resolutions and any other personal goals we may have.

Let’s start off by first having a dream and breaking it into smaller goals that we can commit to so that we can eventually achieve our one big DREAM and/or goal. I believe if you accomplish smaller goals more often, it helps to keep you motivated to do more.

I believe this is the best way for us to be WINNERS. I was always told you can only eat an entire elephant one bite at a time.

So to accomplish your goals and DREAMS in 2010, try to take these steps:

1. Be Specific

     We have to be specific in what we want. We usually make our goals too broad, saying things like, “I want to lose 15 pounds.” Well how long do you want it to take? How do you want to go about doing it? Being too vague will get you frustrated and make you want to give up. Then eventually, you do.

2. Be realistic.

     Our goals should always be measurable and realistic. How else would you be able to accomplish a goal if you’re not even able to measure it?

3. Make the goals PERSONAL.

     Only you know what can make you happy. Don’t spend your life trying to please others and accomplish their goals for you. You can’t please everybody and you’re not going to achieve their goals anyway.

4. Give yourself a limit.

     Limits make it easier for you and can help prevent you from procrastinating. It can also help you set goals that are realistic.

5. Put your Goals in WRITING!

     People underestimate the power of actually putting their goals in writing. Doing this makes it easier to achieve your goals. Not only do you write them down, but you need to review them as well. This keeps you motivated!

I hope this makes your process to SUCCESS much easier. Let’s make all of our “talk” a reality now!


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